Karrie L. Dunkin representing the hakuna party!

Karrie L. Dunkin representing the hakuna party!


Karrie L. Dunkin's favorite Disney Memory!
I love bringing all types of magic to my community, however, one of my favorite ways is through my service as a Volunteer Children’s Music & Worship Leader at my church (for the past 12 years now). We have a large congregation and I have the privilege of working with an AMAZING group of kindergarteners through 6th graders on Sundays and in VBS sessions over the summer. THEY definitely know how to “bring the MAGIC!”

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Hometown: Englewood, Colorado

Occupation: Director of Marketing and “Mommy” to three amazing children

Five words that best describe you:
Creative, Type-A, Performer, Generous & Silly

How do you create Magic for others:
I guess it's the performer in me, but I'm constantly singing, dancing and trying to find the humor in everyday life. I have a storage bin in my garage absolutely filled with silly gifts because each time I find something unusually funny or magical...I simply can't resist it. My children and I are constantly planning parties, creating gifts to put on neighbors' doorsteps (we ring the doorbell and run...of course), making videos and music CDs, and getting into all kinds of adventures and make-believe fun. However, I must add that I genuinely care deeply about others and always try to truly listen and figure out "customized" ways to help make their lives a little easier...and brighter.

Favorite Disney Movie:
Mary Poppins

Favorite Disney Song:
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo


Check back often to see photos and my thoughts on
important magical issues!

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1. What do you stand for as CMO: What is your platform? After years of creative efforts in politics, telecommunications and engineering; I have a plethora of “suppressed” magic and Imagineering to offer park guests! Whether someone enjoyed Disney in the 1950’s or just became acquainted in 2008…I have the years of experience necessary to walk and talk it all (Mouseketeers to Hannah Montana). Colorado is a perfect central location for the traveling CMO who loves ALL the parks! So, click (and click) your M-O-U-S-E for me…Karrie!

2. How are you preparing for the next phase of the competition (the in-park); what do think you will have to do? As the CareerBuilder.com’s Super Bowl spot stated, "wishing alone" won’t get the job. So, I wished on a star AND I’m campaigning like crazy toward that next magical phase! As for the In-Park portion, I think we’ll see on-the-job tests where finalists will need to “bring the magic” on the spot. So, I have an all-around exercise routine (think Sully’s personal training sessions with Mike on Monsters, Inc.) addressing creativity, enthusiasm, park know-how and ever-increasing magic!

3. If you become CMO, what is the first attraction that you would visit at Walt Disney World® Resort? Or at the Disneyland® Resort? We haven’t been to the Magic Kingdom since the launch of the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland and can’t wait to experience it! Disneyland always kicks off with Pirates (a long walk, but so worth it). I’m also sooooo excited that the CMO will help create magic around the opening of the new “Toy Story Mania” attraction. If elected…I will be challenging Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, to see who can get the highest score!

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