Justin Vance Muchoney representing the hakuna party!

Justin Vance Muchoney representing the hakuna party!


Justin Vance Muchoney's favorite Disney Memory!
Whether literally or figuratively, I love helping everyone believe they can fly!

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Hometown: Seven Fields, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Director of Music and Fine Arts

Five words that best describe you:
Exuberant, Optimistic, Visionary, Passionate, Innovative

How do you create Magic for others:
Exuberant, Optimistic, Visionary, Passionate, Innovative Magic can be shared with people in an incredible number of ways, both large and small. Each day I strive to understand that everyone I encounter may be in need of a warm smile, a friendly handshake, or an ear to listen. Even people I have never met before and may never see again deserve to be treated with the same warmth and respect as my closest friends. On a larger scale, it is my supreme goal in life to create unforgettable experiences that draw people closer together. I aspire to build deep and meaningful relationships and to help people experience the awesome wonders life has to offer. I constantly dream up new events, experiences, or even moments when the people I encounter can join together and share in a memorable, life-changing adventure.

Favorite Disney Movie:
Monsters Inc.

Favorite Disney Song:
Circle of Life


Check back often to see photos and my thoughts on
important magical issues!

Check out my press release:

1. What do you stand for as CMO: What is your platform? “Rediscover your inner dreamer and then pass the magical feeling along!” I believe there is an optimistic, starry-eyed dreamer inside each and every person. As CMO, I’d help everyone I meet remember what it feels like to believe in a dream come true. From there, the next step is to inspire them all to help others capture that same feeling. Imagine what a magical place our world will be when we all desire to see others’ dreams come alive!

2.How are you preparing for the next phase of the competition (the in-park); What do you think you will have to do? From what I’ve read, the in-park phase will be a whirlwind of challenges centered on creativity, enthusiasm, and Disney knowledge. I don’t have any specifics, but I’m ready for anything! As for preparations, I’ve found time to re-read some of my favorite Disney books, visit some great Disney websites for the most up-to-date information, and revisit my park maps to reminisce and study. The most important preparation for me, however, has been connecting, and sharing dreams, with other Disney fans!

3. If you become CMO, what is the first attraction that you would visit at Walt Disney World Resort? Or at the Disneyland Resort? Well, since the final phase of the contest takes place in Walt Disney World, I’ll choose there (no offense, Disneyland!). As the new CMO, it would be my responsibility to seek out a guest, child, or family in need and spread some magic for them. Most likely, I will close my eyes, pinch myself to make sure it’s all real; and then when I open my eyes, take the first guests I see to whatever attraction they choose!

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