David H. Hawley representing the left party!

David H. Hawley representing the left party!


David H. Hawley's favorite Disney Memory!
Creating videos for the Make-A-Wish foundation allows me to spread magic to the community. I had the privilege to create a wish video for Jordan, one of the of Make-A-Wish ambassador children.

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Hometown: Roseville, California

Occupation: Television Production Manager

Five words that best describe you:
Outgoing, Fun, Whacky, True, Real

How do you create Magic for others:
One of the most rewarding ways that I bring magic to others is working with the Make-A-Wish team. By creating videos for these children, their hopes and dreams are presented to sponsors, who in turn provide funding to grant more wishes to sick children.

Favorite Disney Movie:
Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Disney Song:
Zip-A Dee-Doo-Dah


Check back often to see photos and my thoughts on
important magical issues!

Check out my press release:

1. What do you stand for as CMO? What is your platform? My mission is to enhance the Disney experience for guests and make every person feel like the park is open just for them. I'll mix a handful of creativity... a truckload of passion...a tigger-barrel of fun... and a dash of Disney magic. My goal is to grant dreams people didn't even know they had.

2. How are you preparing for the next phase of the competition? What do you think you will have to do? Let's just say spelling "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" rolls off my tongue easily. I also think one of our tasks might be creating a new Disney attraction.

3. If you become CMO, what is the first attraction that you would visit at Walt Disney World® Resort? Or at the Disneyland® Resort? Honestly... the first attraction I would visit is the statue of Walt and Mickey. There, I would pay tribute to the man who created a place where grown-ups can be kids and dreams come true. And then...off to Pirates!!!

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